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GfK sessions at AAPOR conference to focus on data quality, mobile surveys, political polling

New York, NY, 16.05.2017

GfK experts will contribute to 9 presentations, 3 posters at premier event for government, academic research

Researchers from GfK will share path-breaking new approaches to some of today’s most pressing research issues at this year’s AAPOR annual conference.

Through 9 presentations and 3 poster sessions, GfK will contribute new ideas on topics such as

  • defining the mobile “friendliness” of surveys
  • optimal integration of surveys
  • reducing bias in non-probability samples
  • understanding party identification in political polling
  • improving the Net Promoter Score

Click here to view a complete list of GfK’s presentations and poster sessions at AAPOR

GfK’s presenters and authors represent the company’s Government and Academic, Public Communications and Social Science, and Statistical Research Services teams. The conference, whose theme this year is “Embracing Change and Diversity in Public Opinion and Social Science Research,” will take place May 18 to 21 in New Orleans, LA. 

The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) is the leading professional organization of public opinion and survey research professionals in the US, with members from academia, media, government, the non-profit sector and private industry.

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