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Canadians value reliability most when buying a vehicle today

Toronto, Canada, 23.02.2017

  • Canadian women seek “safety in an accident” features  more than men
  • Latest driver technology interests 23% of males, 17%  of females

Canadian men and women have singled out reliability as the number one feature they are looking for when buying a vehicle today, a GfK survey has found. More than eight in ten (83%) women in Canada said reliability is “very important” in a vehicle, compared to 77% of Canadian men.

GfK asked over 22,000 Internet users across 17 countries, including 1,002 in Canada, to find out what they are looking for in a new or used vehicle.

By emphasizing reliability, Canadian drivers seem to be determined to have vehicles that will not break down on them while they are on the road and cost them thousands of dollars to repair or maintain.

“Safety in an accident” came in second as a priority, cited by 80% of Canadian females and 65% of Canadian males. This finding does not come as a surprise, as carmakers today are in a race to develop innovative safety features to protect drivers and passengers alike from accidents.

Seventy-five per cent of women surveyed in Canada say fuel economy and good mileage are very important to them, making this #3 on their list of most desired features; this compares to 65% of Canadian males – the same proportion who cited “safety in an accident.” Quality of workmanship and low running costs round out the top 5 list of vehicle features favoured by Canadian men and women.

Environmentally friendly vehicles interest Canadian female buyers

Canadian women show a stronger inclination towards environmentally friendly vehicle features (40%), compared to 34% of Canadian men. When it comes to horsepower (“powerful engine”), however, men have a stronger interest than women (26% versus 19%).  

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Latest vehicle technology: breakdown by income quartiles

Top 3 'very important' vehicle features, by country

About the survey

GfK conducted the online survey with over 22,000 consumers aged 15 or older across 17 countries. Fieldwork was completed in summer 2016. Data are weighted to reflect the demographic composition of the online population aged 15+ in each market. Countries covered are Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Spain, UK and USA. 

About GfK

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