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At ARF West, GfK will showcase data integration as a brand planning tool

New York, NY, 13.11.2017

By leveraging diverse consumer data, marketers can target more effectively and create compelling experiences

With consumers demanding greater personalization in advertising and products alike, marketers need to go beyond traditional demographics and segments. In a featured presentation at this week’s ARF West conference, GfK will show that advanced data integration can deliver a more nuanced picture of today’s consumer – and lead to more efficient product development and advertising.

Google’s home complex in Sunnyvale, California, is hosting this third annual ARF (Advertising Research Foundation) West event, whose theme is “Forecast x Science.”

GfK’s Natasha Stevens (EVP, Digital Behavioral Tracking) will present “Do More with Your Data,” offering a practical approach to data proliferation, the influence of social networking, and today’s potential for personalizing even everyday experiences.

By linking such variables as basic demographics, key attitudinal measures, psychographics, and claimed behavior, GfK is helping brands identify new customers and provide them with the products and services they really need.

Stevens and her team design solutions that leverage the digital data universe, including social media intelligence, the evaluation of customer purchase journeys, cross-media campaign measurement and digital campaign optimization.

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