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GfK releases first results from new Convenience Tracker in the Scandanavian market


With almost half of Scandinavian adults buying products for immediate consumption each week, the food industry requires up-to-date information on their “on-the-go” purchase behavior. In response to this need, GfK has introduced a “Convenience Tracker” to provide intelligence on this specific type of shopping behavior by channel and category.

The first results from the new Convenience study, conducted in Sweden in April 2016, not only indicate the high proportion of adults in the region purchasing products for “on-the-go” consumption, but that two thirds (65%) usually buy convenience products on Fridays.

The research also highlights that 2.4 convenience items are usually bought on average per shopping trip, and that the average spend per purchase is SEK 64. The most commonly purchased category is convenience foods (35%), while supermarkets (30%) are the most commonly used channel.

In addition to tracking shoppers’ average spend on convenience products, the average number of convenience items they buy per visit, how often they shop for convenience items, how often they buy specific products for immediate consumption and more, this study does this by channel and category. This enables foodservice operators and brands to build a clear picture of the convenience customer and their shopping habits, as well as of today’s and tomorrow’s market.

The survey will be carried out twice a year online with a representative sample in each market: Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Mattias Fridh, Research Consultant, Nordics, said: “Our Convenience Tracker brings convenience to those operating in the foodservice space in Scandinavia. It provides answers to those all-important questions that we know they want answered. With this intelligence, they can ensure their brand is available and visible to consumers in the right place, at the right time. In other words, that it is convenient to them to consume “on-the-go”.”

About the GfK Convenience Tracker
What we mean by convenience: this report tracks products consumed or used at home or outside of it within three hours of purchase. Products for immediate consumption include drinks, food that does not need any further preparation, fast food, sweets, tobacco, newspapers, etc.

The report in numbers:

  • 2 surveys per year with a representative sample in each country
  • 3 countries surveyed: Sweden, Norway and Denmark
  • up to five exclusive product category specific questions can be added to the standard report for an additional fee.
  • 18-20 channels* per market
  • 20-25 categories* per market
  • 2,000 interviews in total carried out per measurement and country

*Categories and channels can vary by market. The report focuses on the most frequently used.

To find out more about the report and for a free sample download click here