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GfK shortlisted for leading award with Janssen project submission


GfK shortlisted for leading award with Janssen project submission

GfK’s innovative research for Janssen Pharmaceutical has been shortlisted for a BOBI (Best of Business Intelligence) award in the Best Business Impact category. GfK’s submission – “Breaking the cycle: challenging traditional thinking to uncover unseen opportunity” – explores the methodology used to provide Janssen with the insights they needed to better understand the drivers and barriers for prescribing their Stelara drug, which is used to treat Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA). 

Focusing on the attitudes and behaviours of Rheumatologists (doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating arthritis and related conditions), the team conducted a series of “expression groups” – workshop style sessions which brought together customers with opposing views to debate clinical perceptions and practices. 

Whilst the initial RFP had suggested more of a traditional qualitative approach i.e. in-depth interviews and/or focus groups, Janssen were open and willing to explore a new approach that could truly deliver fresh thinking.So far, a new strategic business direction has already been agreed to for Stelara within the PsA market and GfK’s early feedback at the beginning of the project resulted in an overhaul of Janssen’s existing communications and targeting strategy.

The BOBI awards are organized by the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association and give professionals in the Healthcare industry the chance to showcase and gain recognition for excellent work, market research and sales/analytics. 

The 2017 winners will be decided by a panel of 3-4 judges and announced in May.

Kelly Warth
Kelly Warth