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The fickle relationship between brand and the user experience


A new connection between the user experience (UX), purchase intent, and brand strength identifies linkages to growth.

A good user experience supports the brand as much as a poor user experience erodes it, but the halo effect of a good user experience can make us forgive other poor touchpoint experiences, to a point.

Is there a quantifiable way to measure the experience to predict brand strength and product success? How does the user experience differ across touchpoints and how do these measures relate to brand measures?

Join us to gain deeper insight into the importance of user experience design and how it impacts your brand.

In this webinar you will:

  • Dive into our research that found a connection between product usage and purchase intent (PI) 
  • Explore the correlation between UX and Brand Equity
  • Learn how these findings could support your investment decisions to drive more successful product launches and a stronger brand

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