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Home Improvement: A wonderful 3th quarter of 2016


With a highly satisfying growth of 5% in total we finally have the results that the whole sector was aiming at.  It is a total win. All three months are in the black. July was just phenomenal with a growth of 8 %, which is remarkable as July 2015 was already a very decent month in terms of turnover.

A deeper look shows us good results in almost all segments. Quite a relieve that also paint sets a big plus (+4%) in these three months. This segment has been under quite a bit of pressure since the start of the year.  Other important segments like garden, building chemistry and power tools all helped making these good numbers.

Some sub-segments show double digit growth, with some even exceeding the 20% barrier. Stains are performing excellently in wood protection and drills are also close to this 20% growth in value. Within the garden power tools’ section, we don`t have to go into sub-segments as the whole category is in double digit growth.

Not all was good however. Thanks to the good weather conditions nobody was thinking about heating up the house. Especially sanitary products suffered because of this. Of course, their sales can catch up when temperatures will drop in the last quarter of this year. If that happens, 2016 will end with excellent results. Anyhow, we predict positive final results for this year. Let’s hope it can give the sector some room to develop new initiatives so it can start the new year with some interesting new concepts.

Dimitri Vits – Consultant Home & Living


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