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Fashion: The high number of rainy days caused sales revenue to drop strongly


While we were still hoping that the Belgian Fashion market would recover in the second quarter of 2016, as it equally did during the same period last year, we now see that 2016 only brought negative growth numbers.

We ended Q2 with a decline of 4.9% in value, mainly caused by the extremely high number of rainy days in Belgium. Sports shoes are still our growing segment with +22% compared to last year, where total outerwear takes the biggest hit with a decline of -5,8%.

June was the second wettest month since measurements began. Add in much colder temperatures than normal and we know the reasons for the decline of -4.4%. April was also much wetter and colder than last year, which resulted in the biggest drop of Q2 with -8.7%. These wet days have encouraged people to stay home instead of looking for their newest summer outfits. May was a month of slight recovery for the Fashion market, but the month’s results were not better than last year’s.

The effect of this extremely high number of rainy days is mostly at the expense of women’s fashion sales. Women spent over €16.3m less on clothes and over €3m less on shoes in Q2 of 2016 compared to Q2 of 2015. Children’s clothing sales also dropped in revenue by €7.5m, and shoe sales dropped by €2m. Men spent €4.7m less on clothing and €1.7m less on shoes. The two categories that were able to grow during this quarter were sports shoes with +22% and personal accessories with +1%.

We all hope that the season sales in Q3 will make up for the loss in the first half of 2016.

Wim Boesmans – Head of POS Measurement


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