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GfK Belgium, Google, De Persgroep and Mediahuis join forces!

Leuven, 23.01.2018

Google, GfK Belgium, De Persgroep Publishing* and Mediahuis Connect make a positive start to the new year to examine the effect of premium news sites on advertising. To enable advertisers who use programmatic buying to distinguish between premium content and non-premium content websites, GfK Belgium, De Persgroep Publishing and Mediahuis Connect join forces to tackle a new research project. The project was also supported with financial input from Google's ‘DNI innovation fund’ in late 2017.

Context is King

With the ‘Context is King’ project the various parties aim to demonstrate the value of premium news sites for advertisers, publishers and readers. For advertisers it is not easy to be aware of all local media for their targeted advertising. Inappropriate advertisements through programmatic buying are often not in the best interest of publishers, an issue that can be annoying or confusing for readers/consumers too.

Introducing premium label in the market

With the research into this ‘halo effect’ GfK Belgium, Google, Mediahuis Connect and De Persgroep Publishing hope to make the first step towards the creation of a ‘premium’ label to help advertisers find their way in the landscape of programmatic buying.

Innovation is central

“By analysing the effect of high quality news sites on advertising we hope to contribute to high quality, digital journalism.” says Wim Mathues, Industry Lead Media & Entertainment at GfK Belgium. “The fact that an industrial superpower like Google supports us shows the importance of this type of research. To implement the research we rely internally on new technologies that enable us to control and fully map out advertisement exposure. In this regard it is a very innovative project too.”

Trui Lanckriet, Market Intelligence Manager at Mediahuis Connect: “We are very taken with the innovative approach in the proposed methodology of GfK. With the co-operation between De Persgroep Publishing and Mediahuis Connect within the Google DNI framework we are convinced that the results of this research can provide great added value to the Belgian advertising market.” Ilse Peeters, Research Manager at De Persgroep Publishing agrees too: “For this ambitious project we looked for a research partner who combines media expertise and innovation. By opting for GfK we will be working with an experienced team and simultaneously use an innovative measuring method where - by re-targeting - the campaigns are measured in a natural digital setting.”

Google DNI innovation fund

The Google fund was created to support innovation in digital news. European publishers can apply if they wish to experiment or innovate in the digital world. 

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