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Belgian holidays: relaxation and culture in vogue

Leuven, 03.09.2018

Culture in vogue

62% of Belgian tourists report visiting at least one important city or village during their holidays - while 77% of Belgians are planning at least one cultural activity. These may include places or sites to see (35%), museums, theatrical performances, exhibitions or art galleries (27%) or participation in a local cultural event (18%).

Water and refreshment

The extremely hot temperatures did have an impact on the choice of activities: 37% chose a destination near the beach, and 32% searched for sites with the opportunity to swim. In addition, 9% have planned a visit to a water park, ie 900,000 Belgian visitors.

A healthy balance, even on vacation

Sun and rest at the beach remain popular, with 37% planning beach time while on vacation - but 33% plan activities in the mountains or at the edge of a lake. 45% plan to (continue to) play sports and 44% plan a more adventurous sporting activity. The most popular leisure activities are swimming (32%) and hiking (29%).

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About the ABTO Travel Trends survey

The ABTO Travel Trends survey, conducted by GfK, monitors and examines organized and self-organized trips in Belgium and gives a very complete picture of the Belgian travel market. Each month, the ABTO publishes a dashboard of key data, supplemented by a specific topic that explains a particular aspect of travel behaviour. The summer dashboard of July-August presents the privileged activities of the Belgian holidaymaker.

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