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Press release

3 out of 4 Belgians watched Red Devils play in World Cup, with chips the most popular snack

Leuven, 31.07.2018

74 percent of Belgians watched their national team play in the World Cup qualifying rounds summary. With 46 percent snacking during the games, this shows the retail potential generated around big games.

The majority of Belgians (77 percent) opted to watch the games at home, while a key motivation for those who watched elsewhere appears to be the attraction of watching the games on a big screen (89 percent of those who watch outside the home did so on a big screen).

When it comes to refreshments consumed during the games, chips were the most popular snack (chosen by half of all those who ate during the games), while beer and soda were the most popular choices for those who drank during the games (27 percent and 23 percent respectively).

Tine Pooters, GfK’s consumer insights expert, comments, “For brands running major advertising campaigns around these games, the key to success lies in the small differences within each age group. For example, the younger age groups have a large proportion of Achiever personality types, while the older age groups have higher levels of Self Directs, Traditionalists and Social Rationals. This will make a big difference to how well they respond to the tone of certain adverts or promotions.

“Similarly, while beer remained the most popular alcoholic refreshment overall, those aged 35-44 had a higher proportion who drank cocktails during the games, compared to the other groups - while the same is true for those aged 55+ and wine.” 

 Profile breakdown of Red Devils supporters by age groups


% who watched Red Devils play

Reasons for watching

Achiever value type

Gender involvement

Where they watched

What they consumed

Total Belgium population


To watch soccer

For the festive atmosphere,

For solidarity

To go out with friends

Achievers is the largest segment

78% men

70% women

77% at home on TV

23% outside the home

Half snacked during the game, with chips the most popular choice

Water was the most popular drink, then beer and soda

18-24 years old


For the festive atmosphere

For solidarity

To go out with friends

36% Achievers

81% men

80% women

60% at home on TV and 6% at home on laptop

Of those watching outside the home, half were at an organised event

In line with general population

25-34 years old


For the festive atmosphere

For solidarity

30% Achievers

16% Hedonists

84% men

78% women

66% at home on TV

33% outside the home – including 14% at an organised event

Higher percentage drinking beer and soda, compared to the general population

35-44 years old


For the festive atmosphere

For solidarity

Less Traditionalists than other age groups (only 9%)

83% men

72% women

76% at home on TV

23% outside the home – including 6% in a pub

Beer and soda the most popular choice, but higher consumption of cocktails, compared to general population

45-54 years old


To watch soccer

For the festive atmosphere,

For solidarity

To go out with friends

22% Self Directs

75% men

64% women

79% at home on TV

21% outside the home

Beer and soda are equally popular



64%: to watch soccer

For 55-64 years old: 20% Self Directs and 15% Traditionalists

For 65+ years old: 23% Social Rationals and 20% Traditionalists

76% men

61% women

89% at home on TV

Beer remains the most popular drink, but higher percentage drinking wine, compared to general population

For more information, please contact Tine Pooters in GfK’s Consumer Insights team for Belgium.

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