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Soda maker machines still a hot item

Leuven, 29.05.2017

A soda maker machine turns normal tab water into the widest range of bubbles and cold beverages (like sparkling water, beer and other beverages). The machines generally use a carbonator (gas cylinder) filled with CO2, which is inserted inside the machine to provide the fizz in the water. Those who like to add an additional flavour to the water, can choose different kinds of aroma’s like peach, mango, lemon,…

Soda making trend in Belgium

In 2016 these soda maker machines were still a hot item for Belgian consumers. In total the market of soda maker machines increased by more than 40% in 2016. Gas cylinders and soda maker machines are still highly sold in various sales channels in Belgium. Moreover, during the first quarter of 2017 the gas cylinder – with an average price of €13 -  generated the highest value of the total market of Small Domestic Appliances. This is quite spectacular, as this market is driven by high priced vacuum cleaners, irons, espresso machines…

1 in 6 Belgian households currently owns a soda maker machine, yet the typical machine owner has a deviant socio-demographic profile compared to the total population and on top also a different purchase behavior on non-alcoholic drinks. More interestingly, syrups that are purchased by machine owners aren’t just replacing the more traditional drinks.

GfK Belgium’s newest Soda Maker Report contains different kind of analyses and insights into:

  • the monthly and yearly sales evolutions of soda makers
  • the socio demographic profile insights and purchase behavior
  • a UX score of soda makers
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