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Mobile payments take their first steps at points-of-sale in Belgium.

Leuven, 29.05.2017

A modest portion of Belgian consumers has executed a payment at a store using their smartphone.

GfK has interviewed about 5.275 consumers at the beginning of April to learn about their payment methods in the past 3 months at points-of-sale.

Cash (82%) and debit or credit cards remain the most popular means (47% each).  But new payment methods have started to climb on the adoption curve. About 7% of Belgian consumers has paid with their smartphone at a store (at least once).

Mobile payments are adopted more strongly by younger consumers, and especially by those aged between 18 to 24 years old (16%). Some higher usage is observed also among men and Flemish consumers (8%).

The most widely used application for mobile payments is the Bancontact app (61%), the banking app comes in second position (49%). Payconiq (20%) and the recently introduced Android Pay (14%) have been used by a fair portion, especially considering that these apps are closely connected to one or more banks.

Paying by means of the smartphone leaves consumers with an overall positive experience, and about half stating that it was even ‘better’ compared to other payment methods. A minority (7%) describe it as being ‘worse’.

We are curious to see how mobile payments will have evolved at the start of the summer period!

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