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GfK Belgium analyses the connected shopper in 2017

Leuven, 01.09.2017

To have continued success in a competitive market, shoppers need to be engaged and persuaded on a daily basis. GfK is helping retailers and manufactures with this thanks to its global 'FutureBuy’ study of the expectations of the changing shopper in (connected) retail. 

GfK FutureBuy

FutureBuy provides insights that allows retailers and manufacturers to optimise their strategy and tackle the specific challenges for their target group or product categories in times of connected retail. 

To chart these challenges, FutureBuy studies the evolution of omni-channel shopping, with a specific focus on the role of mobile as a buying channel, shopping assistant and payment method. The expectations and impact of various online and offline touchpoints are also investigated: where does the shopper look for information, and where do they make decisions? 

Extensive profiling increases the possible impact of FutureBuy even further: how does GenZ differ from GenY, GenX and Baby Boomers, and what does the future look like according to the trendsetters in retail, the Leading Edge Consumers? Finally, FutureBuy also includes specific insights across 18 product categories, from an extensive selection of FMCG and SMCG to various services such as financial services. 

Research specifications

The GfK FutureBuy study consists of an online questionnaire that lasts 20 minutes to be completed by a sample group of 1,000 individuals representing the Belgian online population. The Belgian results are benchmarked against aggregated European and worldwide results from 35 participating countries, including the Netherlands, UK, Germany, US, France, China and India. 

The fieldwork took place during the month of July (2017). The results are available in a summary report, an online dashboard and Excel tables with significant differences. 

Are you ready to anticipate the needs of the shopper and prepare yourself for the future?
Then make sure to contact GfK Belgium to discover how this study can help you! 

Davy Van Raemdonck – Director Shopper Insights – davy.van.raemdonck@gfk.com
Bert Hendrickx – Digital Market Intelligence – bert.hendrickx@gfk.com 

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