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Time to Accessorise

Sydney, 17.11.2016

The average person unlocks their phone more than 30 times a day, a figure that is rising all the time. One of the reasons for our reliance on smartphones is that they do more than ever before; from calling and messaging, accessing social media, taking photos and consuming entertainment.

Phones are also more expensive than they used to be. GfK point-of-sale research shows that the average price of a smartphone in 2016 is $805, up 14% on last year. This brings the phone closer in price to products such as TVs ($1,032) and laptops ($920). As phones have become more expensive, accessories like cases and screen protectors have become more important.

In the first 6 months of 2016, GfK measured over 1.5 million cases sold, as well as 650,000 screen protectors.

The price for a case will vary dependent on design and material. On average, a phone case will set you back $25, though leather and metal cases are more premium. The two most common types of cases are standard clip on cases, which account for 65% of sales, and flip cases, at 18%.

Colour is also an important factor in the purchase decision. Black is by far the most popular, with over a third of the market. The next most popular colours are clear, blue, and white, which account for 12%, 10% and 8% respectively.

Portable chargers are another type of mobile accessory. They help to ensure our batteries can keep up with the increasing demands we are putting on our phones. Virtual games are leading to more prolonged outdoor usage and may have contributed to a spike in charger sales. Excluding standalone cables, portable power packs account for 41% of all charger sales, while car chargers make up 30% and wall chargers 22%6.

Over $100 million has already been spent in 2016 on cases, screen protectors and chargers; a figure that nearly matches that of keyboards, mice and monitors. Looking to the future, GfK expects the spend on mobile accessories to continue to increase as more premium phones dominate the smartphone landscape and lead to new types of accessories like VR head mounts.

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