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How weekly data can help boost your sales promotions

by GfK SE , 10.08.2023

Perfecting promotions is key to sales success in today’s fast-moving and competitive markets. With weekly data, you can plan, optimize, compete and grow your business by creating sales campaigns that outpace your competitors, grow your market share and increase profit. 

Respond fast to take advantage of opportunities as they emerge. At each stage of the promotional cycle, GfK’s weekly Sales Tracking data provide a solid foundation from which to make tactical decisions to maximize your product’s lifecycle. Here’s how it can help you:

Increase sales every week of the year  

At the planning stage, you will want to interrogate the weekly sales data to let past trends inform your current and future promotions. Our Market Intelligence: Weekly Sales Tracking Data is available online three to five days after the end of the week. Use it to agree on budgets and KPIs and set realistic weekly goals for your next campaigns. Let it help you spot opportunities to grow sales and maximize product revenue. 

By enabling you to hone in on the right audiences and markets, you’ll be able to devise cost-effective campaigns that win market share and beat the competition in the key selling seasons of the year.

Boost the promotions that deliver the best results  

With so much pressure on brands to create and execute winning campaigns, weekly sales performance reporting can alleviate some of the strain. Power up product revenue by acting fast, gain sales by amplifying the activities that work, and recover losses by terminating those that don’t. Weekly sales intelligence gives you the confidence to adapt your promotions to enhance product performance and meet your targets. You’ll be empowered to evaluate and react to your competitors’ results quickly using the latest sell-out data. This is even more important as product lifecycles shorten, intensifying the urgency to act with speed and agility to optimize promotions.

Read our white paper to find out how clients use GfK’s weekly data to plan and adjust promotions to win in fluid and fast-moving markets.

Outpace the competition  

You need to be agile to respond fast and informed to make fact-based decisions if you are to stay ahead of the competition. gfknewron Market offers 24/7 access to weekly Sales Tracking data in depth and breadth. You can use it to assess your competitors’ campaign results to check if they add new customers, upgrade brand share, and drive distribution. Take advantage of the granular data to dive deeper into brand and campaign share by channel, segment, model range and pricing.

You can compare your performance and plan tactics to protect your market share, and gain more from your competitors. Armed with this level of competitive intelligence you can refine your promotions at speed to grow your brand.

Maximize product revenue during seasonal sales campaigns

Increase sales and revenue by maximizing the most important selling weeks of the year. Weekly data allows you to compare the results of the promotions you run during Black Friday, Prime Days, Cyber Monday, Singles’ Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas (amongst others) with your competitors. 

It will help you perfect your sales tactics by category, channel, and product and turn changing purchasing patterns and consumer behavior to your advantage. And with the simulation tools in gfknewron Predict, you can understand the impact of different price levels on sales and assess price elasticity and simulate the impact of your temporary reductions. 

With Weekly Sales Data you can win 52 weeks of the year

Whether you’re planning or optimizing campaigns, tackling the competition or maximizing peak periods, weekly data will equip you with the evidence you need to improve campaign effectiveness. Find out more in our white paper “The Weekly Advantage”.

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