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Get inspired: GfK's Annual Tech, Data and Product Event

by Catherine Gray , 03.04.2023

Learn about the inspiring talks and diversity of GfK's people at we.create; 2023, our annual event celebrating collaboration and innovation!

we.create; is GfK's annual celebration of innovation and collaboration from Tech, Data, and Product, highlighting the exceptional talent and diversity within our organization. This year's internal event was a resounding success, featuring nearly 70 engaging talks, presentations, discussions, and live demos. With more than 1,000 employees gathered both in-person and virtually, we were able to exchange ideas and share our expertise, resulting in a truly collaborative and inspiring experience

This year's we.create; marked a significant milestone as it was the first hybrid event since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, allowing us to accommodate both in-person and virtual attendance. By expanding the reach of the presentations, we were able to share knowledge and expertise across our organization like never before. In total, the sessions garnered an impressive 3,000 views, with over 2,300 individuals tuning in live and an additional 600 sessions viewed on demand.


Inspiring talks at we.create; 2023

At we.create;, our goal was to empower our employees to challenge the status quo and drive innovation. To achieve this, we invited external guest speakers from leading companies such as NielsenIQ, OpenKnowledge, Google, Meta, and Product People to share their experiences and inspire our teams.

GfK's VP Global Retail, Michael Mclaughlin, provided valuable insights on strengthening our retail partnerships for the future, while our CTO, Ben Jones, kicked off the event with a keynote speech that encouraged open collaboration, curiosity, and engagement. By bringing together such a diverse range of voices, we were able to foster a culture of learning and innovation that will drive our organization forward.

“we.create; has always been my favorite week of the year. It’s when I am reminded of the reasons I fell in love with Tech and am amazed at the depth and breadth of talent we have in our organization. I personally learned something in every single session – often struggling to pick between two tracks – though luckily, I can now of course watch on-demand. It was great to see everyone collaborating, engaging, and supporting each other across such a great selection of presentations, panels, and workshops. I hope everyone who attended, both virtually and on-site, had a similar experience and gained some insights that they can apply going forward,” said Ben Jones.


Showcasing our employee's knowledge and expertise

The theme of shaping tomorrow was at the forefront of our employees' workshops and presentations during we.create;. Across all four streams - People and Collaboration, Science, Engineering and Tech, and Product and Innovation - our teams explored innovative themes and cutting-edge ideas. Their hard work and dedication were evident in the inspiring talks, which touched on crucial topics such as invisible disabilities, agile working, and customer engagement. By delving into these important issues, our employees showcased their commitment to shaping the future for all at GfK.

Although this event showcased the technological advances we are making as a company, the People and Collaboration stream was a vital component of we. create; as we strive for greater equity and inclusivity in the industry. By focusing on the importance of collaboration and community building, we were able to create an environment where diverse perspectives and ideas were celebrated and encouraged.

This allowed participants to feel valued and heard and helped to break down the barriers that often prevent underrepresented groups from entering and excelling in the technology field. Through this stream, we were able to foster a sense of belonging and shared purpose, which is essential for creating a more equitable and sustainable industry.

And, to ensure that those in attendance were energized and ready for the following days of knowledge sharing, we provided opportunities to wind down with live music, a relaxing yoga session, and a running group.

“we.create is so important for our colleagues and it has been amazing working with the organization committee over the past few months. I am so happy with how well the event ran, and I hope those who attended had fun, learned something new, and met a bunch of new people. Hopefully, new ideas and collaborations will be made following we.create;2023,” said Jannik Ziegler, Global Technology Community Lead, who organized the event.

Events like we.create; 2023 are only made possible with amazing people with innovative ideas. We are always looking for new talent to join our teams, if you are interested in becoming a shaper of tomorrow, check out our careers page!

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