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A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer at GfK Malaysia

by Khee Siang Bee , 04.12.2023

In the first of our "Day in the Life" series, we have a glimpse into the daily routine of Khee Siang Bee, an enthusiastic Software Engineer at GfK's Kuala Lumpur office. Khee Siang brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for all things tech to the dynamic GfK team.

From debugging challenges to crafting lines of code, Khee Siang's days are anything but ordinary. In this series, we aim to highlight the unique and ever-evolving roles that drive innovation at GfK.

Can you provide an overview of your daily routine? What does your typical day look like?

My standard day begins by reviewing any unread messages or emails and then checking the logs and monitoring dashboards integral to one of our key client platforms. This is quickly followed by our daily standup with the team, where we recap our previous day's progress and identify any obstacles we're encountering.

I then dive into my primary tasks, ranging from coding and debugging to architecture design and documentation, depending on the project's nature. Throughout the day, I may attend various meetings, including technical discussions, spike sharings, pair programming, or conducting interviews. To ensure our products are as innovative as they can be, we conduct frequent code reviews, so I also assist in reviewing merge requests when a colleague submits one. Despite the busy schedule, Our culture's all about balance, so I make time for those 10-minute "recharge and reset" breaks, not to mention a leisurely lunch that doubles as quality time with my work friends. Balance is key, after all.

What aspect of your role do you find most fascinating?

As a full-stack engineer, what intrigues me most is the constant opportunity to learn new technologies and innovative problem-solving approaches. Each day presents a fresh challenge, and each project is unique, thanks partly to the exciting technologies we employ, such as React, Node.js, and Java Spring Boot. I relish the challenge of seeking the optimal solution for any given problem using these cutting-edge tools.

Collaborating with teams from around the globe, all connected through technology, has been an equally enriching experience. It allows me to broaden my perspective and work in diverse, cross-cultural settings, leveraging the power of our tech stack.

What motivates you to come to work each day?

My motivation stems from the shared passion and enthusiasm within my team to make a meaningful impact. I'm genuinely passionate about the projects I work on and contributing to something that adds value to GfK and our clients – particularly as a software engineer, I am fortunate enough to work with a diverse tech stack. The ability to be creative, solve complex problems, and constantly learn new technologies makes it all worthwhile. And overcoming various technical challenges brings immense satisfaction.

The unique and inspiring cultures across GfK's global offices, as well as the wonderful colleagues I work with, keep me happy and make me want to do the best job I possibly can.

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

I am fortunate to be part of a workplace culture at GfK that values and respects employees' time. Colleagues and supervisors understand the importance of work-life balance. They refrain from making calls or sending messages after working hours. This supportive culture not only prevents intrusion into personal time but also actively discourages working late. Knowing that I have this support system allows me to focus on my work during office hours and fully detach from it during my personal time.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending my time doing activities that bring me joy and relaxation, such as gaming, playing the guitar, spending quality time with loved ones, maintaining physical fitness, and immersing myself in outdoor adventures like hiking - I love chasing sunrises or sunsets. But playing the guitar is a true passion of mine. A fun fact about me is that I used to be a guitar teacher up until COVID and the lockdown started when I was still in university.

When I was younger, I thought I wanted to make a career out of playing the guitar. I really enjoyed playing as well as teaching, it gave me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. There was no better feeling when I was able to play a new song or when I saw my students being able to do the same. But, as soon as I discovered coding, I was hooked - I knew my future was in the world of tech.

Thank you so much Khee Siang for sharing your insights into software engineering at GfK. It was great to learn about global collaboration, the amazing tech you use, and your passion for engineering. If you are interested in reading more stories from our inspirational employees, please head to the careers blog.

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