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Report from dmexco: Running to keep up with technology

by Sonia López Sánchez , 10.10.2016

This year’s dmexco was attended by more than 50,000 visitors. The breadth of the program at the event highlighted the rapid speed of change in the digital market. From the internet of things to virtual and augmented reality, to data and marketing automation, there was much to debate. Here’s our take on two key discussions.

Enriching data for better business

This may not be a new topic, but the discussion has moved on from the role of data, to how organizations use the information they own to be most effective. There was much debate about how companies use their data and combine and enrich it with other sources. The resulting information can help optimize marketing and sales, customer insight and experience, and design new products and services. We’ve been doing this for many years with our clients, augmenting and maximizing their data with our own proprietary primary research such as point-of-sale figures and media measurement. The result can be competitive advantage and market leading positioning.

Virtual and augmented reality

Pokémon Go has brought augmented reality to a broad group of consumers and it was the example of many sessions. Following this example, we expect to see more brands embracing AR and VR in their advertising campaigns and even in their products. In the not too distant future it will be normal to select a holiday destination having “been there” through VR.  The key to success with this new technology is to understand what audiences it appeals to, and to use it meet the needs of the target group. As the Pokémon Go example showed, just having the technology isn’t enough – it must appeal to consumers. We’ll be watching this space, and helping our clients develop meaningful applications of this new technology.


What is clear from dmexco is technology is driving markets at a speed we have never experienced before. It is hard for businesses of all kinds to know where to focus their energy. New ideas take time to come to life as products and services in businesses, and so ideas we discussed at dmexco 2014 and 2015 are only now materializing. It may feel like business needs to run to stand still, but the key to success is still to understand your target audience and make sure to focus on their needs so you are in control of the future.