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Automotive marketing: Understanding the multiple touchpoints of the Connected Driver

by Ondrej Szabo , 25.10.2016

Today’s fragmented media landscape presents a significant challenge to automotive retailers seeking to maximize the efficiency of their online campaigns. The growing importance of online media combined with the proliferation of connected devices further exacerbates the problem. How can you influence automotive consumers in an increasingly connected world?

Automotive marketers face a number of pressing concerns:

  • Which touchpoints should you activate to improve marketing communications?
  • How can you track the performance of online touchpoints?
  • Can you minimize scatter loss and maximize reach within your target group?
  • How can you get the most out of mobile?

Understanding consumer behavior through audience measurement

The answers to these questions lie in passive audience measurement. It reveals audience behavior, supports campaign efficiency and provides crucial insights into the purchase journey. It also allows marketers to understand consumer behavior across all channels and multiple devices. You can make informed decisions to optimize marketing strategies and to achieve growth. There are three key ways to measure your audience:

  1. For example, by revealing which websites your primary target group is using so you can plan your media spend more efficiently.
  2. By revealing the role your website plays in the purchase journey. By knowing where users are coming from, you can increase traffic to your website and optimize your impact.
  3. You can identify which online touchpoints your target groups use, how frequently, and for how long.

Maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns

By providing key insights into consumer behavior online, cross-media measurement enables you to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns and prioritize future spend for maximum return on investment.  Armed with these crucial insights, you will be equipped to create compelling marketing strategies that will engage consumers and deliver a solid return to your bottom line.

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