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Flat or declining customer satisfaction across many sectors in the UK

by Stuart Crawford-Browne , 23.06.2014

Putting the customer at the heart of an organisation is no mean feat, and even with advances in technology and the digital user experience, the aspiration to become customer centric is alive but still illusive for most brands. Consumer research from GfK suggests that customer experiences across many sectors in the UK have plateaued or are in decline. This appears to be happening despite efforts by many mainstream brands to migrate to digital channels and invest in multichannel service delivery with a big drive towards more personalised communication in their marketing efforts.

5 Year Industry Trends in Overall Satisfaction

As consumers balance convenience and trust in a digital world, consumer engagement requires a deeper appreciation of the dynamics of the consumer-brand relationship. Customers crave simplicity and convenient intuitive low effort interactions. They have rising expectations and turn to their favourite brands or experiment with new ones to help them manage growing complexity in consumer choices. Highly fragmented experiences across an increasingly complex set of touchpoints in the customer journey are difficult for brands to manage.

However, voice of the customer programmes can help brands to become more customer-centric. By using feedback to orchestrate more reliable and consistent performance across all touchpoints, organisations can become more responsive to changing expectations of customers,  cope better with growing complexity and ensure consistent delivery on the brand promise.

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