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Expanded Horizons in Asia

by David Crosbie , 18.06.2013

It’s always interesting to explore new countries – but especially when you have access to brand new consumer insight data from GfK Roper Reports® Worldwide. In 2013, for the first time, this detailed attitudinal and behavioural survey is covering Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, offering a treasure trove of information on these markets.

Thanks to the expanded RRW coverage, I can now explore what really makes Singaporeans, Malaysians and Vietnamese tick, by analysing multiple aspects of their lives as consumers.

Having worked with RRW for a number of years, I feel I have gained a good idea of the consumer mindset in the ‘Core 25’ countries worldwide in which we have been canvassing consumer opinions for over 17 years. It’s therefore exciting to get to know a new group of consumers in a highly exciting part of the world.

The starting point for me is always Personal Values – the unique indicator of consumer mindset that reveals the things that act as driving forces in consumers’ lives, and give meaning to their lives. The Values Type segmentation for the three markets throws up some very interesting findings. While Malaysia is dominated by the status-oriented Achiever Type, the other two markets are rather different. Singapore’s relatively high level of Survivors, in particular, is a useful insight into the consumer mindset here.

The concerns question – where we ask consumers what their three main worries in life are – is also always very revealing. Then there is our extensive Attitude to Life battery, technology questions and environmental section.

Of course the research was not just conducted for our own edification. Fascinating though it is, the consumer insight it provides is a valuable key to unlocking the high opportunities that exist in this high-growth region of the world, and we’re already sharing this new information with our global Clients, helping them to target their offering to the fast-growing middle class in these markets.

To find out more on what we already know about the Asia-Pacific region, please download our complimentary White Paper, “High Growth, High Opportunity: Unlocking the Potential of Asia-Pacific.” Alternatively, for a quick overview, please take a look at my brief video clip introducing the White Paper.