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Debunking the innovation myth


Innovation isn’t easy. But it may be easier than you think. The signs that foretell the next big thing are all around you. Your customers are receptive to them through the news they read, the social media they engage with and the conversations they have with their friends. By taking a structured approach to identifying where and how new benefit propositions are emerging, you’ll gain a better chance of identifying where and how disruptive innovations are going to happen.


Not insight but foresight

We can take the fear out of innovation by understanding that it’s not always a chance flash of genius, but a predictable opportunity that propels a product or service proposition forwards. Instead of relying solely on creative inspiration, successful innovators use their knowledge of everything that is going on in the world around them to formulate a picture of future market needs. And far from being a random collation of facts and hunches, foresight can be mapped in a systematic and methodical way that points towards future market opportunities.

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