Webinar: Bold. Consumer-Led. Growth.

Drive success amidst stagflation with consumer-led strategic direction. Five strategies to generate growth for your brand.
Today’s climate calls for bold decisions, guided by laser-focused clarity of action. Consumers are feeling the squeeze, and demand is shrinking as they buckle under inflation and the cost-of-living crisis. Meanwhile, supply chain disruptions persist and there’s a rising consumer demand for sustainable practices from brands. Volatility and uncertainty are forecast to remain, and predicting where business is headed will continue to be a challenge.

To find new pathways to growth, marketers need innovative strategies that position consumers as their North Star. Join our experts for a webinar that shares 5 ways successful brands are hacking growth, and emerging stronger.

Explore examples of how leveraging an in-depth understanding of consumers can help you:

  • Design tactical responses in sync with a consumer-centric strategy
  • Source reliable data to drive strategies and tactics
  • View the market through a growth lens to make selective choices
  • Close the gap on consumer needs by serving the jobs to be done
  • Think long-term to ensure growth after the crisis
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