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Sustainability & your business

Leverage our data and analyses to shape your brand’s strategies


Even at the height of the pandemic, consumers continued to care about and buy sustainable products. But motives and actions around environmental issues are complex – even contradictory.

More than ever, brands need trusted insights on consumers’ changing sustainability behaviors and perceptions.

Bridging the gap from intention to action

The disconnect between good sustainable intentions and actual purchase behavior accounts for $806 billion in lost sales annually for FMCG alone but also has substantial impacts on tech and durable goods sales and other industries.

How can you build a green brand that has top-of-mind awareness – and drives real-world sales? GfK provides a full picture of consumer change, evaluating behavioral data alongside consumer attitudes and motivations


Who cares? Who does?
Sustainability concern and action

Consumers are changing their values and shopping behavior based on environmental concerns. Know what actions to take to meet their needs with our annual insights.


What we do as a company​

As a global technology and services company and good corporate citizen, our company is committed to establishing and maintaining systems to protect our company from negative impacts and to ensure we have a positive impact on our people, partners and planet.

That is why we are building and improving upon our sustainability approach – from local initiatives to global strategies.


How we measure up

Read the 2021 annual Sustainability Report to learn more about the efforts undertaken by our company to follow and promote good sustainability practices.

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