Menlo Park, California, US
Key brands
Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp

Facts & Figures

86,000 (2022)
$114 billion USD (2022)
Global users
2.96 billion (2022)
  • Third-party measurement is crucial to demonstrate cross-media impact at scale. It gives us evidence we need from a trusted neutral source to assess the impact of media campaigns.”
    Alfonso Calatrava
    EMEA Third Party Measurement Lead, Meta

Measuring brand impact from cross-media campaigns

With nearly three billion users globally, Meta’s reach through Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is enormous. The player’s clients use its huge audience to drive short-term sales and to strengthen their brands. When this activity is part of a cross-media campaign, Meta uses independent measurement sources to prove the business impact of advertising on its platform within that mix. This ensures advertisers can deliver cost-effective cross-media campaigns that meet their business goals and drive growth. 

The importance of independent campaign metrics

Proving the impact of advertising is complex in a multi-media world. Evidence of sales uplift can be provided from an advertiser’s own results and purchase panels, but qualitative brand KPIs such as favorability, likelihood to recommend and purchase intent require more sophisticated whole-of-market approaches.  

Meta aims to quantify every media touchpoint in cross-media campaigns to illustrate the contribution each makes to the end result. GfK complements Meta’s own metrics by adding comparable measurement for all media channels and markets. With data available across EMEA, advertisers can evaluate their performance by channel and country to optimize campaign outcomes and maximize budgets. As Meta introduces innovative formats, such as reels, this insight has a crucial role to play in showcasing their impact. Advertisers can then make informed decisions about integrating new formats into their media plans.

A strong partnership

Meta and GfK have collaborated for a number of years on initiatives that help advertisers optimize online and offline media to deliver the most efficient and effective campaigns. Meta relies on strong relationships like this to supplement its own media measurement capability, offering trusted independent intelligence in addition to its own metrics. 

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