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Jakarta, Indonesia
  • IT Galeri has been using the intelligence from GfK for more than a decade to determine the business direction and strategy. From insight into our product portfolio to the brand and market conditions, this partnership has been our trusted guide during a period of expansion and will continue to be so into the future.”
    Jo Susanto
    Managing Director, IT Galeri

IT Galeri is an Indonesia-based retailer of computer hardware and software products supplied by local vendors and distributors. Its stores are located in urban and suburban areas, targeted at buyers who expect high-quality service.

An appetite to grow

IT Galeri’s vision is to develop a healthy computer hardware and software business in order to expand its retail network. In 2012, the retailer joined GfK’s sales panel to deepen its understanding of market trends and identify growth opportunities.

  • The team at GfK is professional, responsive and supportive. We communicate well. GfK has evolved into a reliable confidante for discussing business planning. While I had some concerns about sharing our sales data on GfK’s retail panel, I rapidly realized the incredible value of the intelligence and the team’s reliability when it comes to protecting data privacy.”
    Jo Susanto
    Managing Director, IT Galeri

Supporting an expansion strategy

With access to sales intelligence, IT Galeri’s product, marketing, and sales teams could analyze market trends and make data-led decisions about whether to follow existing trends or forge new ones. Performance was evaluated against the competition on various key performance indicators and adjusted as needed. The Product team maximized the benefits of spotting the strongest brands to perfect IT Galeri’s assortment. Marketing and promotional campaigns were designed to take advantage of emerging trends and shopper behavior. With all the teams using the insights to hone strategies and tactics, the company was able to increase returns in all areas of investment. 

Delivering results

By joining the retail panel and using the market insight to identify growth opportunities, the business has increased its footprint from 12 to 30 stores. This includes multi-brand outlets under the IT Galeri logo, and single-brand stores such as Asus, HP and Lenovo.

A trusted partnership

The Managing Director of IT Galeri was initially concerned about joining the retail panel and protecting the confidentiality of the company’s data but those fears were quickly allayed.  Today, he describes GfK as a trusted friend with whom the business can share challenges and work together to find solutions. He has become a firm advocate of the retail panel and recommends all retailers join to enjoy the benefits and enhance its precision and accuracy

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