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Facts & Figures

Rajkot, Gujarat, India
  • At Poojara Telecom, our mission is to be a customer-centric mobile retail chain, providing exceptional products and services that enrich the lives of our valued customers. Driven by our core values of GHTC (Genuine, Honesty, Transparency & Commitment), we aim to revolutionize the retail market and set new industry benchmarks. Working in a competitive sector, we constantly strive to break new ground, from reinventing the in-store shopping experience to ensuring our product and service portfolio meets consumers’ rapidly evolving needs. We rely on market insight and intelligence from the team at GfK whose weekly and monthly point-of-sale data, consultancy and advice form the basis of many of our business decisions. With our focus on expansion, we will continue to make data-driven decisions, rooted in GfK’s sales data, industry expertise, and consumer knowledge."
    Yogesh Poojara
    Founder & Chairman, Poojara Telecom Pvt Ltd

One of India’s fastest-growing mobile phone & tech retailers

With over 300 experience stores, Poojara Telecom is one of the fastest-growing tech retailers in the Indian state of Gujarat. They have recently expanded in states of, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. Founded in 1994, the company specializes in the mobile phone market which remains its primary focus today. This is a dynamic sector, and in response to changing market conditions, the business has expanded into other categories and regions.


Supporting strategic and tactical decision-making

Working in an increasingly competitive and fast-moving sector, Poojara’s challenge was to source a market intelligence and insights partner that could inform and support its growth-led strategic decisions such as category and portfolio planning, promotions, and the location of new stores.

In 2020, the company partnered with GfK for its monthly point-of-sales reporting and quickly embraced the data and insight from the team. Having been convinced by the strategic value of the monthly sales data to the business, Poojara initiated active utilization of GfK’s weekly sales data.

The addition of seven-day sales reporting supported tactical decisions on cross-category promotions and pricing in particular. Today, the C-Suite uses this intelligence to evaluate the impact of new product launches, discounts, and special offers on particular SKUs and specific models in order to adjust them rapidly to maximize shopper demand.

  • The actions of consumers have the power to either make or break a retailer‘s success, as they search for the most cost-effective option, the most in-demand gadgets, or the fastest resolution to their issues to make their life easy. It is business-critical for us to understand evolving consumer behavior. Our relationship with GfK ensures we always have the latest insights and intelligence to inform and innovate our offering to cater to the needs of our target audience and continue to grow our business."
    Yogesh Poojara
    Founder & Chairman, Poojara Telecom Pvt Ltd

Identifying and qualifying opportunities for expansion

Poojara’s management team is committed to driving business growth by entering new categories and markets. To make informed decisions about these investments, the company works closely with GfK to understand the potential value of new locations and categories.

As a result of these special reports, the company has recently opened stores in some of the region’s smaller cities and added laptops to its product mix. These data-driven decisions drive growth and help the company remain competitive.

A partnership that delivers

Working together since 2020, Poojara and GfK have formed a trusted and effective working relationship. In addition to the monthly and weekly sales reporting, there are regular discussions on the implications of the latest intelligence and how to respond swiftly to the ever changing hybrid environment.

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