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Kolkata, India
Smartphones, IT hardware, software, accessories, networking and security solutions

Facts & Figures

  • Since Eastern Logica’s foundation, our focus has been on increasing our market reach geographically by moving to new cities and in our brand, product, and solutions portfolio. Identifying and responding to emerging market and consumer trends has been key to our business success, and our relationship with GfK has enhanced that ability even further. Today GfK’s data and expert insight are fully integrated into our business culture and decision-making thanks to our close working relationship. This alliance has accelerated market expansion and dramatically reduced launch times. This gives us the confidence to plan our current and future strategies knowing they are based on reliable, up-to-date intelligence and expertise.”
    Mr Gaurav Goel
    Chairman & Managing Director, Eastern Logica

One of India’s fastest-growing mobile phone & tech retailers

Based in West Bengal, Eastern Logica retails and distributes branded smartphones, IT hardware, software, accessories, networking, and security solutions. Founded in 1995, the business is present in 11 cities and sells local and international brands including Sony, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, and Dell. The management team has a strong desire to grow the company’s geographic reach and to adapt to meet changing customer needs.

Towards data- driven business expansion

Eastern Logica approached GfK to support its geographics plans & to provide market intelligence through industry benchmarking. Opening stores in new cities poses a challenge in saturated markets like those of Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand so access to reliable, up-to-date insight on the strategies of existing players as well as local market needs and preferences was of the essence.

  • I’m delighted to say that our collaboration with GfK is a successful and profitable one. Our whole team is now better informed about our fast-moving market, and able to respond effectively to emerging needs as a result. We’ve seen the time it takes us to launch in new cities and regions dramatically shorten, meaning our investment is returned faster and our targets met at an impressive pace. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the insight and the support we receive from the experts at GfK.”
    Mr Gaurav Goel
    Chairman & Managing Director, Eastern Logica

Accelerating launch timeframes

The impact of this alliance is nothing short of astonishing, the collaboration significantly reduced the time taken and investment needed to expand into new markets. In a post-COVID landscape where agility is paramount, the partnership truly accelerated the retailer’s launch timeframes. 

In its most recent geographic launches, Eastern Logica established a firm footing in Delhi in a mere 2 years, and in Haryana in an astonishing brief span of one year, a significant improvement on the time taken to launch in a new city pre-Covid. In addition, the insight has empowered the team to think bigger, going beyond regional boundaries to identify new locations in order to meet their ambitious business goals.

A partnership that delivers

The two companies have developed a strong working relationship in a relatively short space of time. Since 2021, they have met quarterly to evaluate the changing marketplace, discuss emerging trends, and strategize how best to respond. In addition to the weekly and monthly sales data, GfK prepares ad hoc custom analysis to support a range of business decisions as Eastern Logica navigates a rapidly changing landscape.

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