Retail, Automotive markets, cards, personal loans, insurance and banking services
+9000 Points of Sales in Spain. 25 countries

Facts & Figures

Global employees
  • At Cetelem we use GfK’s intelligence to monitor our markets and enrich our understanding of evolving consumer trends. We find the insight from GfK’s retail panel complements our knowledge and has supported us in finding and maximizing new business opportunities.”
    Jose Antonio Gimeno
    Marketing and Key Accounts Director, Cetelem

Cetelem is the commercial brand of BNP Paribas Personal Finance. It provides solutions and products for the daily management of their finances: personal loans, card management, insurance products, and liabilities. The company’s goal is to promote access to more responsible and sustainable consumer credit to support both clients and partners. Cetelem offers a comprehensive service as a banking entity, with active and passive products - checking accounts, debit cards, deposits and paid savings accounts.

Finding market opportunities

Cetelem needs to understand how the Technical Consumer Goods markets are evolving in Spain. As these types of products represent one of its largest areas of focus, it is important for Cetelem to be able to benchmark its own performance against the competition, identify new business opportunities, and build forecasts for strategic plans in this sector. The team chose GfK for the quality, robustness, and reliability of the retailer panel to understand this market.

  • Our needs are very specific and the team at GfK is responsive, flexible, and focused on helping us achieve our objectives. The research is high-quality, robust, and reliable. Our marketing team and C-Suite find it invaluable in building strategies and forecasts.”
    Jose Antonio Gimeno
    Marketing and Key Accounts Director, Cetelem

Developing customized intelligence

As BNP Paribas Personal Finance is a financial institution and heavily regulated, data must be presented to strict specifications and structure. The team at GfK created a tailored quarterly report that aggregates granular channel-, store- and SKU-level data into specific product families and periods of time.

Greater visibility and stronger strategic plans

The collaboration on this project gives Cetelem greater insight into consumer and market trends such as the evolution of commercial formats and distribution channels. It offers invaluable guidance to correct commercial deviations, build strategic plans, and to identify markets offering business potential.

The intelligence is used by the retail marketing team in formulating and sense-checking plans and forms the basis of reports prepared for the management committee of BNP Paribas Personal Finance in Spain.

A solid working relationship

Cetelem and GfK have collaborated successfully for several years. GfK is uniquely positioned to gather from a multitude of retailers and the team at Cetelem uses this insight to enrich and complement its own findings.

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