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  • We value our close working relationship with GfK, which includes monthly meetings to evaluate our current performance and review our response to emerging trends. We rely on the data and insight to understand our market share, identify growth opportunities, and deep dive into brand and product features. In particular, the intelligence from GfK has helped us improve our profit margins by identifying new target audiences and reinventing our category and product offering to meet their emerging needs. The specialists at GfK help us navigate a constantly changing sector landscape and maximize our results.”
    Mr. Mohan Bajoria
    Managing Director, Bhajanlal Commercials

Bhajanlal Commercial is the dominant mobile phone retailer in West Bengal India, operating 22 stores across West Bengal including in the key cities of Kolkata and Guwahati.  

Maintaining market leadership in the Eastern India mobile phone market

As a market pioneer, Bhajanlal needs granular-level insight into market and consumer trends so that their product and marketing strategy meets the needs of a rapidly changing sector.  

Operating in a highly competitive landscape, it is essential to outpace or match the competition, and for this, reliable market benchmarking is key. Also, GfK’s insight is invaluable for analysing new brands and manufacturers, in order that the team at Bhajanlal can evaluate their performance and gauge consumers’ reactions. From the foundation of this existing close collaboration, the senior team at Bhajanlal Commercial tasked GfK with helping them improve their profit margin.  

  • I am so convinced of the value that the GfK intelligence offers Bhajanlal that our business was one of the first to adopt gfknewron. Today, more than 20 staff are active users of the platform, gaining enormous benefit from its wealth of information. In addition, I have encouraged many of my peers to join the retailer panel. Operating in such fast-paced environments makes it so important to place your trust in accurate, independent market-level data and industry specialists who can truly add value. Not only has this been a game-changer for Bhajanlal, but I believe it can raise the bar throughout the Indian market as more companies participate.”
    Mr. Mohan Bajoria
    Managing Director, Bhajanlal Commercials

Identifying new opportunities to secure profit margin

This involved a range of analyses, pertaining to brand, category, feature and price class to identify growth potential through specific product attributes and features driving consumer preferences. With the help of GfK market reports, Bhajanlal was able to identify the growing opportunity in the Premium segments of Smartphones, and they were able to take prompt action by increasing focus on this growing segment. In addition to pinpointing sales potential within the weekly and monthly sales data, GfK visualized strategies to expand market share, enhance profit margins, and bolster Bhajanlal ’s competitive positioning with greater effectiveness. 

A true promoter of GfK

Working together since 2020, Bhajanlal and GfK have forged a close working relationship rooted in trust and mutual respect. Not only has this been beneficial for the retailer’s financial results, but the company has become a true advocate of GfK, encouraging other companies to join the point-of-sale panel to help further expand its reach.  

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