Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Retail
Hyderabad, India

Facts & Figures

  • At B New Mobile, we want our customers to have the best buying experience at affordable prices. Achieving that takes a laser-like focus on ensuring our product portfolio, pricing, promotion and customer service meet very high standards. Crucially, we need to know how we are performing compared to industry. We trust GfK to provide the information we need to assess our results versus the market so we can pursue our growth strategy.”
    Mr Y. D. Balaji Chowdary
    Chairman and Managing Director, B New Mobile

Connecting with customers by offering affordable devices

At the heart of B New Mobile’s mission is making the mobile purchasing experience affordable. The company’s ambitious management team has pursued expansion, increasing the number of retail outlets from six in 2014 to over 150 in 2023. The company constantly innovates, both in terms of the products and services it offers and the customer experience it delivers. 

Data and insight to inform an aggressive growth strategy

B New Mobile’s management team wanted accurate and reliable intelligence to form the foundation of their smartphone strategies and ambitious business expansion on both a category and geographical level. They chose GfK as their partner in 2017, subscribing to monthly Point-of-Sale data. 
  • We enjoy many benefits from our close working relationship with GfK. As a company that is hungry for innovation, whether that be offering a new model, brand, or category or opening a new store, we know we are basing our decisions on the most reliable market and consumer insights available. In a competitive, fast-moving sector like ours, we cannot afford to rely on out-of-date information, gut feel, or guesswork. But it goes further. During the uncertainty of the Covid pandemic, the global insights from GfK helped us understand how the sector the world over was responding and that gave us confidence to steer our course through the confusion. That’s why we are happy to partner with GfK.”
    Mr Nikhilesh
    CEO, B New Mobile

Today, the monthly intelligence is supplemented by weekly reports and ad hoc analyses that B New Mobile’s category and buying teams use to assess and benchmark performance at a category, SKU, brand, and model level. Product, pricing, and marketing tactics are adjusted fast to maximize evolving consumer demand and market trends. Category managers use the insights to leverage the strengths of the existing product suite and add to the assortment. They deep dive into the detail to identify and maximize the brands, models, and features that are most appealing in the current environment.

Supporting expansion into new categories and locations

Initially, B New Mobile was focused almost entirely on retailing mobile phones, but today, it has moved into other categories, increasing the range of consumer electronics it offers. The team relies on GfK’s insights to explore and evaluate which new categories and products are likely to succeed at retail. One example is laptops, which were not in the inventory five years ago. Access to the latest sales data informs and strengthens the team’s negotiations with brands and is the basis of data-driven decisions on the product portfolio, pricing, and promotion. As a result, B New Mobile enjoys a shortened learning curve and time-to-market, in some cases halved from six to three months, accelerating new launches and generating revenue faster. This first-mover advantage helps the retailer to continually deliver strong commercial performance.

A profitable working relationship

Since B New Mobile and GfK started working together in 2017, the relationship has developed into a close, trusted alliance. The team at B New Mobile has constant access to GfK’s datasets and experts to discuss and scope the commercial potential of new ideas and emerging trends. Whether the challenge is strategic or tactical, this effective partnership delivers results. 

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