GfK Geomarketing for APAC

Get mission-critical location intelligence in the APAC region for your consumer technology, FMCG, retail, insurance, or financial service brand.
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Spot-on location intelligence and actionable insights available on a easy-to-use platform

Visualize and analyze location based data and enhance your decision-making process with GfK Geomarketing for APAC.

We unlock unparalleled, region-specific datasets by tapping our established proprietary and partner networks to deliver the mission critical location and retail intelligence you need to make faster, more efficient, and futureproof decisions.  

Enable location data-driven decision making across your whole organization with easy-to-use location analytics tools sharing actionable insights that are tailored to your region, market and requirements.

Whether you need to overlay datasets to aid visualization, get actionable insights to understand the retail landscape and surrounding demographics or generate reports that support decision-making, we connect you with detailed intelligence that moves your business forward.

Enjoy spot-on access through a user-friendly online platform, or analyze, plan and strategize datasets offline in RegioGraph  — GfK Geomarketing for APAC gives you unique insights that synthesize all relevant information in the context of location, and display it in easily-understandable maps and charts. This gives your team intelligence at-a-glance that equips them to reveal hidden relationships, and spot patterns and trends that cement your competitive advantage.

Answering your key business questions with valid and reliable data


Data Availability By Markets

We offer comprehensive, granular data across the APAC region. Whether you specialize in one region, cover all of APAC or require insights for a unique combination of countries, we can help!

Click on the map below now and check out the data granularity for the markets of Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.