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Offline sources number one choice when buying e-bikes

Figures from the annual GfK E-bike Monitor 2021 show that potential customers consult offline sources most prior to purchasing an e-bike. This is where physical stores play a vital role.


When purchasing an e-bike, customers carry out extensive research. They consult many different types of information sources before making a final choice. Physical stores are the most frequent information source they consult. Remarkably, the next most popular option is obtaining information from friends, family or acquaintances. More than 35% choose this option, with the next one being the internet.


E-bike test ride

A test ride is an important factor when purchasing an e-bike. Nearly 80% of customers who visit a store take a test ride. This also explains the important function of physical store.


Greater variety of information sources than in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands physical stores are easily the number one information source, whereas in Belgium, and especially in Germany, we see that a greater variety of information sources is consulted. Physical stores are also an important information source in these countries, but less so than in the Netherlands. In Germany, friends, family, or acquaintances are even more important information source than the bike shop.

In all three countries, customers mainly visit stores for a test ride. In the Netherlands and Germany, around 90% of customers who visit a store take a test ride.

This highlights that brick-and-mortar stores remain a vital channel for manufacturers and retailers in the customer journey. What is noticeable are the clear differences in terms of the customer age groups and the customer journey compared to the Dutch market. How these target groups differ and what the customer journey involves when purchasing an e-bike is explained in detail in this annual e-bike consumer survey.

The GfK E-Bike Monitor 2022 is currently being planned. If you want to find out more about the GfK E-bike Monitor 2022, take a look at the GfK landing page via this link E-bike monitor 2022 application form or get in touch with Account Manager Bikes at GfK:  Marcel Buskermolen (marcel.buskermolen@gfk.com).


About the GfK E-bike Monitor (survey report)

In 2018, we launched the GfK E-bike Monitor for the first time in the Netherlands. We extensively investigate the annual trends in the target groups, motivation and purchasing behaviour relating to e-bikes. In addition, we can (only in the Netherlands) link the insights from the survey to the actual sales from the GfK Retail data. Every year we update the questionnaire to reflect current trends.

Taking a random sample, we interview respondents within the target group of current and potential e-bike customers. The sample size in the Netherlands was 2,000 respondents. There were around 1,000 respondents in Germany and Belgium. The survey is conducted in October 2021 and will be repeated this year around the same time period, including the countries of France and Italy.


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