The new faces of brand purpose: Smart strategies for high-stakes times

With Colgate-Palmolive, Nissan North America & Brother International

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Thinking Ahead

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In what seems like an instant, the values and social actions of brands have become make-or-break with even mainstream consumers. From sustainability to global conflicts, the list of concerns brands need to engage with on a daily basis — not just once or twice a year — keeps growing.

How can brands navigate this volatile and unfamiliar world of high emotional stakes — and vast business consequences?

This talk discusses:  

  • The evolution of sustainability — and the challenges of staying a step ahead.
  • Taking social issues to heart — without leaving skeptics behind.
  • Generational transformation — who is really driving the purpose revolution?
  • Skillful messaging and marketing in the purpose world — striking the right balance of commerce and caring.
  • How conventional brands can integrate compassion and activism into deeply ingrained personas. 

Thinking Ahead

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