Are today’s brand purpose ads really changing consumers’ hearts & minds?

When good intentions meet short attention spans

Brand purpose messaging that resonates with consumers

At a time when so many companies are rushing to claim sustainability, social justice, and other causes as core to their brands, discussions about the effectiveness of these campaigns have been largely absent. With millions of dollars being spent to define and promote the “purposes” of brands, what are the real outcomes? What does it take to create and deliver purpose messages that resonate with consumers?

Drawing on first findings from The Purpose Impact Monitor – a new, ongoing study developed by GfK in association with Goodvertising Agency – our guide will help you understand what makes purpose ads effective and how your brand can deliver on the new for compelling, innovative approaches.

You’ll learn:

  • how purpose ads compare to traditional ads in their ability to capture and hold viewers’ attention
  • how to strike a balance between brand building and cause support
  • what makes the best purpose ads – transformational and traditional – resonate with viewers


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