How data can drive smarter decisions

With Neil Portnoy and Dave Stevens

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Thinking Ahead

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Data on consumer buying habits may be common these days – but too often it sits in silos. Brands and retailers may see only their own small windows of activity; to drive smarter decisions, they need a full picture of the marketplace. By bringing together sell-out data from thousands of independent tire retailers, GfK’s POS panel in the US has been helping to build a data-rich tire ecosystem from the ground up. In this episode, GfK's Neil Portnoy and Dave Stevens tell how the right data can help you be in the right place at the right time, anticipate production needs, and maximize the value of promotion and ads – a case study of top-quality insights empowering smarter decisions.

Thinking Ahead

This is a podcast about research, innovation, and discovery. Each episode will give you new insights into today’s consumer, and prepare you for tomorrow’s marketplace.
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GfK has already established point-of-sale tire panels in nearly 30 countries, from Europe to Asia Pacific to the Middle East. Using its global product manual to code all incoming information, GfK assures data integrity with granular comparability. The result is a more informed global tire marketplace – one that now includes the US.

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