The Rise of eSports and its Fans

With Ben Paro

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Esports describes the world of competitive, organized video gaming. But who is its audience? And why should brands and marketers pay attention? In this episode, we sit down with Ben Paro, Category Director of Sports and Gaming at MRI-Simmons, as he explains the rise of this unique and faithful (audience) segmentation. Tune in to understand the innovative entertainment that eSports is serving up- and the opportunities it gives brands and advertisers.

Thinking Ahead

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STUDY: Report: Insights into Esports Fans – July 2020

Esports represents a convergence of cultural, media, and tech trends, which has provided media/advertiser monetization opportunities beyond what gaming alone has been able to.

In this report, learn about the esports landscape, get a profile of esports fans, and understand the potential of this space for marketers.

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