MRI-Simmons - The Essential Consumer Truth Set

Leverage reliable, accurate, and ethically-sourced data from MRI-Simmons to understand the “why” behind consumer behavior.

Get to know the American Consumer

With so many screens vying for consumer attention, audiences are more fragmented than ever, and effective measurement poses a bold new challenge. So what’s the best way to know what Americans are watching, buying, reading, doing, thinking, feeling?

Ask them.

MRI-Simmons, a joint venture co-owned by GfK, is the leading provider of insights on the American consumer. Its flagship consumer study, MRI-Simmons USA, provides detailed insights on 50,000+ respondents each year in the continental US, uncovering their media habits, brand usage, leisure activities, attitudes, and more. Respondents do not opt-in to the survey; rather, they are randomly selected using address-based probabilistic sampling. This gold-standard sampling methodology provides marketers with nationally representative insights that are not prone to many of the biases found in online convenience panels.

The result is a rich dataset that reveals over 60,000 consumer measures that any brand, media organization, or agency can trust to effectively connect with their desired audience.

MRI-Simmons USA is the leading study on consumer behaviors and attitudes


Consumer Elements


Attitudes, Opinions & Segmentations



The importance of methodology

There are no shortage of options for quickly fielding surveys and collecting consumer data. For marketers, comparing the methodological approaches of their data providers is paramount. While some vendors promise faster, cheaper insights, those insights are often derived from online convenience panels. Such panels can be prone to bias and are often filled with professional survey takers, resulting in unpredictable insights that and are not representative of the complete population of interest.

In contrast, every American has an opportunity to be selected for participation in the MRI-Simmons USA study. Once randomly selected to participate, respondents are incentivized to complete two comprehensive surveys where they record their demographics, media and product use and answer a battery of psychographic questions. This sampling methodology provides a nationally-representative dataset that brands, media and agencies rely upon daily for consumer profiling, media planning and activation.