What is gfknewron & how can it help organizations to gain actionable insights from their data?

Sean O'Neill, Chief Product Officer at GfK, has been interviewed at our Decode the Future event. He answers questions around gfknewron and how it can help businesses to make better decisions.


  • Can you tell me more about gfknewron. What’s unique to gfknewron?

    gfknewron is our new platform that brings together many of the insights that we have helped our clients with before, but now all together, extremely simple and easy user interface that entire company can use to solve their business problems.

  • What's unique to gfknewron?

    We are bringing together enterprise great insights, with AI, algorithms, predictions, elasticities, supply, demand, consumer sentiment, and we're pulling all these together to tease out the important things people need to know most. This is an easy to use tool and a product that the entire organization, from the frontline, to the CEO and back can use to use the same ground truth, to understand, decide, and win in their markets.

  • How does gfknewron help its clients find the right signals within noise of data?

    So gfknewron helps our clients understand across a number of sectors what's really happening.

    gfknewron market product tells you what's happening for my brands and my models in my channels, compared to all of my competition. Who's coming. Who's going, am I rising or falling?

    gfknewron consumer really brings together a wonderful compliment who are my target audiences? What do they care about? How does my brand compare to where they are now? How have previous brand owners of my brand, what do they feel? It's a powerful tool to help understand who, where and why from the consumer sentiment side.

    gfknewron predict. This is the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to really find those signal from noise and you could make an adaptation. We can help our clients run their business better.

  • How can gfknewron help organizations collaborate and make better decisions?

    One of the real important points of gfknewron is, it is built for everybody in the organization. And as we're able to join up point of sale data, which historically had been used heavily in some sales and category markets, but not always as available to some of the other functions. And we're combining that with consumer sentiment data, which traditionally might have been in the brand or marketing team, but maybe other parts of the company weren't even aware it was there. And that allows the whole company to move faster, making better decisions.

  • Why is it important to have real-time access to up-to-data? How can this help a business win the market?

    The speed of competition is picking up. What used to work in the past of waiting to a month or two to try and make a decision? That's just not good enough anymore. To succeed and to win in your market, you've got to keep up with what's changing in consumer sentiment.

  • How do you know whether the actionable insights you’re getting will transform your business?

    We have many clients and their users who have already been early adopters of gfknewron. And there were many case studies we're building up where our clients are able to get the return on investment from gfknewron, because our alerts brought to their attention products, where they were cannibalizing themselves and had not really appreciated to the depth or other clients where they're trying to develop new products and figure out what features matter most and our insights and competitive matrix help them identify which features are going to make the biggest difference.

  • How can AI and data help decode the future?

    We've got an incredible expertise that the world recognizes and values of understanding our markets, our categories, our products, our clients, our industries, we're bringing the best of our human intelligence with the best of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Which products are competing for the same customers share of wallet and then be able to figure out well, who's earning at the bottom of that peer groups for the price point, and who's earning a revenue premium above it.

    And this intelligence from our expertise combined with the machine learning to calculate it, allows us to answer very important questions for our clients at scale, across all of these cells, they're better together.

    The amount of data. Is overwhelming our clients and time and time again, our clients are telling me, I don't need more data. I need actionable insights. And the difference between the massive amount of data that has the signal hidden in it and actionable answers is how do you detect the right patterns at scale every week for every client, every brand, every product. That is something that machines are built for. By leveraging that speed and power, we can generate tens of thousands of alerts and recommendations every single week that matter to our clients to help them win.

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