gfkconsult regional outlook 2023: Europe

Expert insights and strategic direction to master the 2023 European Tech and Durables market

Uncover the expected consumer and sales trends in Europe for 2023, and know which strategies are crucial for success as a new market entrant or established regional player. Our experts share their data-backed insights on the region’s economic outlook, and how you can maximize your success in context.

Regional Outlook 2023: Europe

With consumers making more considered decisions around how they spend their disposable income, Anthony Norman, VP Sales UK & Nordics at GfK, shares how brands can adapt their approach to find and leverage the demand that remains.

Regional Outlook 2023: Germany

Despite the cost-of-living crisis, the war in Ukraine, and spiralling inflation, consumer optimism is increasing but lower disposable income means their propensity to buy is not. Patrycja Grebel, VP Commercial Germany at GfK, shares how brands can win their purchase despite their shrinking wallets.

Repairability index and second-hand markets for T&D products in France

French consumers want to be more sustainable, but also need to counter the rising cost of living and spend less. Pierre Geismar, Market Intelligence Lead Technology and Appliances at GfK, shares how brands and retailers can win their purchase and leverage the Repairability Index and second-hand market to help consumers achieve both.

Regional Outlook 2023: Spain

2023 began with a slight decrease in the Spanish TCG market, but not all categories declined. Idoya Bilbao, Managing Director Spain at GfK, shares how brands can find and exploit pockets of growth in an uncertain environment, and win the purchase of well-informed consumers who are open to new brands.

What is top of mind for European T&D manufacturers and retailers?

Agnieszka Sora, gfkconsult Regional Lead NCE shares the questions and concerns that dominate T&D leaders’ agenda. Ranging from changing market dynamics to concerns around expansion, they have a common theme - data and insights need to be supported by expert opinions to help build a resilient and profound brand strategy.

Master the 2023 European Tech and Durables market

Discover the latest insights and strategic direction for omnichannel strategies, brand strength, and GenZ behavior in Europe with gfkconsult’s Regional Report.
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