Global CMO Study 2022

The High-Velocity Data Marketer: Meeting disruption with insights at speed

"40% of top-performing marketers cite fast, actionable insights from data as key to their success."


Yet, only 1 in 5 marketers say they can move quickly from data gathering to actionable insights. Are you one of them? CMOs have entered a new era of high-velocity data marketing to spot sudden disruptions in market and consumer behavior. This requires getting relevant, real-time data signals, converting them into insights, and then closing the gap between insights and action at speed.

However two-thirds of marketing leaders are only moderately confident (or worse) in their data, analytics and insights systems. This creates a huge opportunity for CMOs who can climb the high-velocity data marketing maturity curve.

We’ve partnered with CMO Council to take a closer look at high-velocity data marketing capabilities and how to achieve them. In study we:

  • Highlight what marketers are planning over the next 12 months
  • Spot which hurdles lie in their way
  • Identify capabilities gaps that exist between top and bottom performers, and key regional differences

Our findings are based on a survey of over 300 marketing leaders across industries and geographies. We also conducted nearly a dozen in-depth interviews with executives from companies such as Capital Group, Vodafone, Hitachi, Kyndryl and Al Safi Danone. 

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