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NewYork, 12.06.2018

Truth Initiative collaborating with GfK MRI, Acxiom to elevate targeting, activation, verification for anti-opioid campaign

Collaborators will share insights tomorrow at ARF Audience x Science

Data analysts and researchers from Acxiom, GfK MRI, and Truth Initiative are working together to battle opioid addiction, identifying how accurate digital data and verification can best play a role.

The opioid epidemic is devastating our country — every day more than 115 Americans die after overdosing on opioids, and 2.5 million young adults aged 18-25 have misused opioids in the past year. The Truth About Opioids, a new campaign from Truth Initiative, is designed to help young people understand the facts about opioids, the risk of addiction and the crucial role they can play in solving the crisis within their communities.

The three collaborating companies will share details of the new initiative tomorrow (June 13th) at 12:20PM as part of the ARF’s Audience x Science conference. Presenters for the session, called “Reaching the Unreachable in Today’s Digital World,” will be:

  • Bryan Donovan – VP, Data Strategy & Acquisition, Acxiom
  • Elizabeth Hair – VP, Truth Initiative Schroeder Institute
  • Karen Ramspacher – SVP, Innovation & Insights at MRI 

Leveraging their special expertise and assets for human-centered beneficial purpose, the three companies are

  • identifying key targets that anti-opioid messaging needs to reach (Truth Initiative);
  • enhancing targeted segments with additional data insights – including the best ways to reach them through specific media vehicles (MRI);
  • converting these targets into addressable audiences for a nationwide ad campaign (Acxiom); and
  • verifiying that the ads actually reach the intended people (all).

The Truth About Opioids is an expansion of the truth creative campaign from Truth Initiative. Truth Initiative is a national public health organization that is inspiring tobacco-free lives and building a culture where all youth and young adults reject tobacco.

Acxiom enables people-based marketing everywhere through a simple, open approach to connecting systems and data that drives seamless customer experiences and higher ROI. 

MRI’s focus on excellence and the ethical use of data has made it the leading producer of media and consumer research in the United States. Its vast database of ethically sourced media usage, demographics, psychographics and consumer behavior makes it a powerful resource for penetrating insight into the actions and motivations of adult American consumers.

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