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How Key Account Data helps you win at MediaSaturn

by Antonio Santa Ana , 16.04.2019

Key Account Data enhances POS reporting

We recently announced a partnership with the Media-Saturn-Holding (MSH) to integrate their sell-out data into our Point of Sales (POS) reporting for all 14 countries in which they operate. This is a significant enhancement to our Key Account Data Reporting (KADR) as it offers our manufacturer clients access to the complete sales data for one of the biggest retailers in Europe.

Gain a competitive advantage with Key Account Data

The goal of these partnerships on account level is to provide the common information framework that manufacturers and retailers of technical consumer goods need to compete in today’s increasingly complex environment. With KADR manufacturers can access the same sell-out data as the retailer, allowing both parties to work together as equally informed players to engage effectively in joint category management, co-create strategies, gain efficiencies and agree on growth opportunities.

KADR integrates individually named retailer data in our standard POS reporting. It covers all brands and items listed by a retailer and includes a panel market benchmark too. This information empowers both parties to speak the same language and to focus on their joint priorities: Meeting the needs of their customers, improving their shopping experience and, ultimately, driving growth. This is crucial in a sector where shoppers are less loyal, less engaged, and constantly on the lookout for value.

Speaking the same language

With KADR, we want to help answer key business questions our clients have about their competitive retail performance such as:

  • How do we perform versus our main competitors at the retailer?
  • Are there opportunities to build sales with the retailer?
  • Which segments are growing, and which are declining at the retailer?
  • How can I help the retailer to fill gaps and grow at the same rate as the market?

KADR provides actionable insights that our clients use for day-to-day tactical decision-making to gain a competitive edge at a retailer and strengthen their trade relationship.

Three major functions benefit most from this account-level intelligence:

  1. Key account sales managers often lack reliable insights into their competitive position at an individual retailer. To meet their targets, they need to get the right products promoted and listed at key retailers and outperform their competition. KADR provides full transparency of their own and competitors’ position by product life cycle, range of offer, distribution and pricing policy. Based on this, they can analyse own strengths and weaknesses at the retailer and assess potential risks and opportunities versus the competition.
  2. Category Managers are tasked with identifying growth potential with the retailer and understanding how to build sales, to develop programs to help the retailer fill gaps, and to influence range and merchandising plans at category reviews. KADR offers them a common data currency to aid effective category management. They can benchmark the sales performance of a category at the retailer versus the total panel market or a specific distribution channel and identifying and qualifying market opportunities.
  3. Trade Marketing Managers often lack reliable insights into the impact of promotional activities on their own and competitors’ sales. They need to know how to invest promotional spend most effectively: Which in-store promotions work best? What is the ideal promotional schedule? How to win more shelf space? KADR helps them track the sales success of a specific sales promotion at a retailer on single item level and compare sales results to the competition in order to optimize the trade spend.

Working and growing together

Key Account Data Reporting facilitates effective trade relationships in three fundamental ways – and the addition of MediaMarkt data reinforces this:

  1. It offers a common currency for efficient category management as it provides consistent sales channel breakdowns and indisputable performance insights into category, segment, brands, and items.
  2. The reporting is simple, structured, actionable and comparable with regular POS data–perfect for busy teams.
  3. Users get the complete picture of the total market. They see not only how they perform at a retailer, but how their competitors do too. This is extremely powerful when negotiating with retailers.

KADR is the starting point of effectively analyzing own and shared business performance and we believe it will transform the way manufacturers and retailers work and grow together.


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