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Evaluating mobile ads: At last!

by Arno Hummerston , 06.11.2015

If you’re running advertising campaigns that integrate digital as part of your media plan you’ll know that measuring mobile ad effectiveness is a significant challenge.

Going beyond impression delivery reports and conversion KPIs to deliver a view on branding impact and cross media interaction is something I’ve spent years persuading people to do.

It’s perceived as a difficult undertaking, one that means that the vast majority of the companies I talk to that use digital media as part of their ad mix simply don’t measure mobile ad effectiveness.

If you don’t measure it, you don’t know if and how it’s working. And crucially, in today’s data-led environment, without the metrics you can’t justify ROI or requests for budget.

Yet we all know spend on digital advertising is huge –globally by 2019 70% of all digital ad spend will be on mobile. So even now not advertising on digital – and mobile in particular – simply isn’t an option for most brands.

If some of your budget is allocated to mobile or even if you have digital plans that have yet to go there, you may well be one of the organizations struggling to prove mobile advertising’s impact. The good news is we can now measure mobile ad effectiveness – both in app and in browser. Finally, we have closed the cross-media measurement loop.

If you want to know what this means for your brands, what we can measure and how we do it, please join our webinar on 3rd of December where Nathalie Mandavit, Global Director Communication Efficiency, will join me to explain our mobile advertising effectiveness approach..

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