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Russian consumers see electric vehicles as too pricey

by Alexander Kissov , 03.06.2014

Some 72% of respondents in Russia have a favorable opinion about EVs, but only 10% are open to considering a purchase, according to a GfK study in six countries.

That's because of a perceived high price. Russian consumers are willing to pay 5% more for an EV than a conventional car, but consumers do not associate EVs with great value for money, and they want more choice of electric vehicles.

Perceptions from Russian consumers about electric vehicles

Russian consumers also perceive that service options are limited. That said, a high number of consumers in the market for a luxury small car in Russia (81%) are open to considering EVs. Just like in France, some 85% of consumers in Russia see the main benefit of the vehicles as low emissions.

How do they see electric vehicles?

Just over half also see them as "easy to operate" and "safe," followed by "reliable" with 44%, and only around a third of Russian consumers view the vehicles as having a "low maintenance cost" and "great value for money" (31% and 29% respectively).

Electric vehicles in Russia

The main barriers for Russian consumers about electric vehicles

Russian customers have two main barriers for considering an EV. First, Russia lacks a charging infrastructure, and second, and maybe even more importantly, Russian consumers lack experience and deep knowledge of EV technology.

"To be successful with EVs in the Russian market, the Russian government and car manufacturers should make a joint effort to address these concerns," said Alexander Kissov, Head of Automotive and Mystery Shopping at GfK in Russia.

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Alexander Kissov is Head of Automotive and Mystery Shopping division at GfK in Russia. He can be reached under: alexander.kissov@gfk.com

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