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Engaging High-Growth Consumers

by Jodie Roberts , 13.06.2013

Marketing messages come at consumers increasingly frequently these days, and in high-growth regions such as Asia the growth is particularly noticeable. These messages are received via all manner of media – mobile, billboards, in-store promotions, mall events, television commercials, social media and more. So how do you make your brand stand out from the rest and make your message memorable?

The key is to engage consumers. So quickly comes the next question – how to engage.

Firstly, entertain them. Fully 40% of consumers in High-growth Asia are looking for novelty and fun in everyday products (compared to 31% globally). One of my favourite examples of engaging consumers is through the use of the Blippar app . This is an augmented reality app that brings ‘Blippar enabled’ advertising to life, in their words, ‘converting anything in the real world into an interactive wow experience’.  Think of games that involve popping Aero bar bubbles, the ability to ‘try’ on virtual Omega watches and attaining discount vouchers on the fly.

Secondly, create an experience. As consumers become more sophisticated, the focus is turning from ‘what I’ve got’ to ‘what I do’. To borrow a great example from Europe, IBM have their ‘Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities’ campaign. Billboards around Paris feature a bend that offers a seat or an umbrella for the city commuters along with ramps over stairs. The results of this campaign are yet to be measured, however it is certainly generating a lot of buzz on social media.

Thirdly, show them something new. Fully 41% of consumers in High-growth Asia are always on the lookout for new products and services (compared to 33% globally). A caveat to this however is that consumers in this region are more likely to buy from known and trusted brands, so they need to know who you are and the quality you stand for before you can show them new and exciting variants of your offering.

At GfK Consumer Trends, we know the huge potential that Asia-Pacific is offering multinational corporations and for this reason, we have expanded our coverage even further to cover an unrivalled 11 countries in this region within our global study. We can provide you with invaluable insights into this dynamic region and the variations by market – to decisively guide your business strategy now and next with the best strategic consulting.

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Jodie Roberts is the Asia-Pacific Regional Director for GfK Consumer Trends: jodie.roberts@gfk.com