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Embedding mobile into the consumer journey

by Wendy Jones , 07.03.2013

Key benefits of having a fully optimized mobile presence.
How many times do you do reach for your phone every day? The phone is an encyclopedia, map, briefcase and a shopping list. It advises, checks, compares and reassures. Mobile is changing the way that consumers access information and is already fully integrated into the purchase journey, at least from the consumers’ point of view. Always on, always available – has the path to your consumer ever been more open?

Phones are now the go-to device for quick research: price-checking, product information and locating a store, often while the phone owner is out and about. Research is more focussed than on a pc, with people visiting fewer domains and fewer pages per session. If you miss this chance of being available to your consumer, you miss a critical moment to engage them.

It’s no longer a luxury to implement a mobile strategy
You can use the immediacy of the mobile to your marketing advantage if you can inventively ‘own’ the moment and be available to the consumer.

This means engaging with them precisely at the point when they’re actively searching for information or reassurance and in doing so, nudging them towards your brand in the way that you want. This was the main theme of our digital event late last year in London which drew upon our studies in partnership with The Internet Advertising Bureau in the UK.

Successful brands think mobile
When we hear high street retailer Debenhams, claim 30% of their website visits come from mobile and American restaurant chain Domino’s say that one in five online purchases reach them via mobile, the influence that a mobile-optimized site can have over the route to your consumer and its potential impact on your bottom line becomes apparent.(1)

But despite mobile advertising being proven to drive top of mind recall, brands seem to be hesitant to divert spend into mobile advertising. The fact is, the hard proof of ROI analytics isn’t available yet, making mobile advertising more of an unknown quantity, albeit one that seems to pay off. The good news is though, that 57% of the top 100 brands in the UK now have a mobile optimized site, up from 37% in six months.(2)

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