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Considered Consumers have an Achiever mindset

by Edith Bardin , 25.04.2012

There is increasing evidence that brands need to be socially responsible these days. Every purchase decision that we make says something about us as consumers. To help us shop with a clear conscience we look to companies and brands that are honest and transparent in everything they do and say. The GfK global trend of ‘Considered Consumption’ shows that today a staggering 79% of consumers agree that they only “buy products and services that appeal to their beliefs, values or ideals” with increasing numbers of people claiming that “where and how a product is made is very important to me”.

Considered Consumers have an Achiever mindset

Global Considered Consumers share certain values such as Social Responsibility, Knowledge and Curiosity and we might be tempted to think that Considered Consumers are more likely to be Socialrationals or Nurturers in their personal value orientation. However the GfK study reveals that the most prevalent grouping is in fact the Achiever segment with 1 in 4 global Considered Consumers displaying an ‘Achiever’ mindset. Achievers tend to buy things to express their feelings of accomplishment. Considered Consumers may therefore choose to demonstrate their beliefs, values and ideals through products that are deemed to be ‘cool’ or ‘chic’. This offers a badging opportunity to brands as consumers will look to display their status by wearing or purchasing heritage brands that conform to their ethical standards.

In tomorrow’s world, brands don’t really have a choice but to be socially responsible. It is crucial to consider the Considered Consumption mindset before, during and after production. Brands must embrace transparency, deliver quality and harness the power of influence. And finally, global values messages will need local execution, which of course has never been more important yet harder to achieve.