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Retail in the sports sector
Strategic marketing, branding & communication, retail concepts for the national organizations or operations

Facts & Figures

Founded in
Berne, Switzerland
5,500 stores in 43 countries
  • GfK Brand Architect was crucial in providing profound insights into how our brand is seen by the target audience and how consumer expectations and preferences evolve over time. The key factor was that all results are easily and intuitively accessible on the dashboard. This allowed us to quickly draw conclusions across teams and markets – with GfK advising us along the way.”
    Andy Hogg
    Global Marketing Director, Intersport International Corporation

The sporting goods market is facing pressure and intense competition. On the one hand, customers are becoming increasingly price-sensitive, while on the other hand, they often expect comprehensive advice and high-quality products. It was crucial for Intersport International Corporation to analyze the perception and branding of its brand in various markets, to identify opportunities and threats and develop a strategy for the future.

Diverse markets: Intersport active in 43 countries

As a group of retailers and store operators, Intersport International Corporation (IIC) is not a vertically organized company. Nevertheless, it is responsible for ensuring a cohesive brand perception, providing guidance for future brand development, developing communication campaigns and coordinating the production of private label brands such as McKinley.

  • Maintaining a close relationship with Intersport International Corporation has always been a priority for me, even before we were commissioned with this study. In the past, we have always been able to contribute our extensive consulting expertise and to support Intersport. This approach has benefited both parties: We are not a mere service provider for Intersport, but a strategic partner closely supporting further developments.”
    Anja Reimer
    Client Business Partner, GfK

Due to significant market shifts, particularly during the pandemic, Intersport sought a partner for an international brand study. GfK succeeded with its compelling expertise and gained the trust of IIC.

More than 20,000 consumers surveyed

In an initial wave in early 2022, consumers across 16 countries participated in an online survey. Twelve months later, the survey was repeated in 15 countries in order to identify developments and 

The study consists of a brand part based on GfK Brand Architect and a Consumer Insights part, which maps the consumer journey for various sports categories and collects further information on consumer behavior and attitudes. As a result, the study provides valuable insights for strategic brand management, communication, 
and campaign development, as well as for retail executives, category 
managers and ESG professionals. 

GfK annually presents the results at the International Leadership Summit, which is attended by approximately 300 top management representatives from multiple countries. There is great interest in the results, as these clearly highlight strengths and weaknesses along with country-specific differences. In addition, GfK provides insightful relevant recommendations and suggests priorities for further optimization of the brand.

GfK as a valued partner

The management of Intersport International Corporation highly values the cooperation with GfK as a strategic partner for market and brand monitoring. The consistent time series data provide valuable insights. Thanks to a close communication between IIC and GfK, along with the relevant findings of previous surveys, the foundations have been laid for a long-term collaboration.

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